Frequently Asked Questions


I’m really interested in this opportunity. Do I need to quit my current job to take advantage of this program?

You do not need to quit your current job to take advantage of this program making this the perfect way to take advantage of the side-gig economy.

OK. I’m really interested.  So, what’s expected of me?

leverage your social and professional relationships to market under the Calabria portfolio of talent acquisition and contingent workforce solutions!  Yes, that’s all!

This is starting to sound pretty good… What does it cost to become a STAR partner?

Calabria Group has removed all costs making it easy to join our program and jump on the path to financial independence today!  In fact, this is just like starting your company without the large investment in time, money and risk to launch a new organization.  Even more important, no capital required to fund payroll and collections.  The wheels are turning now, aren’t they!

Will I need to have professional business insurance?

No. Not unless you feel more comfortable with business insurance.

I’m currently employed. Will this require a large investment in time to be successful?

No. You have the flexibility to work as many or as few hours as you want.  It’s all up to you making this the perfect way to supplement your income.  In our experience, the most successful people have worked a minimum of 6 -10 hours per week.

Can I recruit other staffing professionals into the program?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so.  You will have the opportunity to develop multiple revenue streams while earning commission from every placement they make.  Build your own team of STAR Partners who you mentor and work side by side while sharing in their financial success…Or not.  It’s all up to you.

I’m a skilled recruiter, but may not always have the time to recruit on all my job orders. Can I expect recruiting support from Calabria Group?

That’s what we do best! Make your own placements or benefit from the Calabria Group delivery team of recruiters who are ready and able to help make you successful.  Starting to sound pretty good, isn’t it?  Guess what?  You also have the option to provide visibility of your job orders to other STAR-Partners so they can provide additional recruiting support to you if needed.  Conversely, you may have the opportunity for visibility into other STAR-Partners job orders and support them!  Think about that….Recruiting and talent acquisition professionals supporting each others success!

Can I place both contract and permanent employees?

Yes! All day, every day!  Even twice a day!

Job boards are vital to a successful recruiter. Will I have the ability to gain access to major industry job boards?

Yes, Calabria Group offers you the ability to access major industry job boards for a small fee to enhance your recruiting and sales success.

Can I build my own book of business and operate it?

Yes! And build your own book of business without all the startup costs, liability and headaches of building a company from the ground up.

Will I have to worry about payroll liability, unemployment claims, state & federal labor laws, state benefits or issues dealing wrongful termination?

Absolutely not. Becoming a STAR partner insulates you and alleviates the liability, headache and worry.

Will I be required to perform any back office functions?

No. Calabria Group handles all back office functions to include onboarding, payroll, billing, collections and terminations.  Starting to sound kinda easy?

Will I receive daily support from Calabria Group?

Absolutely! Our success is predicated on your success.  You will become a member of a dedicated team.  From recruiting support, front office to back office support and ongoing training available all designed to maximize your opportunity to success!

Will I have the opportunity to leverage any of the existing contracts Calabria Group currently has in place?

Are you kidding me? Yes! And knock it out of the park while you are at it! You will have access to all Calabria customers and contracts.

Can Calabria Group work with state and federal government?

We have a State of California Master Services Agreement and you can make placements with the federal government for those positions requiring high level security clearances.

Do I need a contact before working with a new Calabria Customer?

No, not initially. We can recruit for any new customer without a contract. Sometimes a new customer will not even be willing to proceed on contract process until they have a resource for their project. In any case we will execute a contractual agreement with a new customer before the work starts but we will NOT need the executed contract to engage and search for project resources.

Most importantly, does Calabria Group have a solid industry reputation?

We would not be in business for 22 years across the United States and Canada without it! Engage your prospects using the proven structure and reputation of a well-established organization and watch your income grow!