April Newsletter 2022

Welcome to the April Calabria Group Report

Welcome to the April 2022 Calabria Group
, a monthly look at Staffing trends, the current
business environment, news that we’ve found insightful,
and a chance to share a few positions we are working to fill
for our valued clients!

In this month’s edition, we are talking all things diversity in the technology and recruiting world, fun fact: we’re hiring for a data engineer & workplace admin, and as always, if you’re looking to round out your team with top talent, contact us below!

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Diversity in Recruiting

According to a recent Forbes article, talent acquisition professionals see diversity hiring as both the biggest trend and key challenge, regardless of the role or company size. Nearly 80% of talent professionals ranked diversity hiring as the most important trend in the recruiting industry for 2022. 

For April, we are setting our sites on ways we can increase diversity hiring. Bringing awareness to this profound shift in the recruiting industry is an ideal way to increase performance and creates a larger, more varied candidate pool.

Here are a couple ways to diversify your hiring needs:

1. Auditing Job Ads

Study the demographic of your previous job ads and understand which targets it hit. Using inclusive language or even writing a more specific ad that appeals to candidates from different backgrounds is a great way to show candidates why your company is a great fit for them.

2. Encourage Diverse Employee Referrals

We all know that our employees all come with diverse networks, and creating a employee referral benefit program is a fantastic way to target a specific demographic while also incentivizing current employees.

3. Create an Employer Brand that Showcases Diversity

Valuing people and opinions in all walks of life is a pivotal way to create a diverse brand. Showcasing the stories of these individuals and how they feel valued in their current workplace is a great way for diverse candidates to see the personality of your company.

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Data Engineer

Pocatello, Idaho

In search of permanent jobs? We got one for you! Calabria Group is looking for a Data Engineer candidate placement in Pocatello, Idaho!

A couple of key ‘guidelines’ in your experience:

✨Certifications in data analytics and/or data engineering are a big plus!

✨2+ years’ experience working in cloud computing with Azure experience required

✨Experience with business intelligence visualization tools and business intelligence tools, such as, Microsoft Power BI
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Workplace Administrative Coordinator

Seattle, Washington

Ahh the workplace admin: helping everyone survive their workday, every.single.day. Does this sound like you? Have you been a survivor? Are you Beyonce? Then Calabria Group has the position for you! We are searching for a Workplace Administrative Coordinator candidate placement in Seattle, Washington!

A couple of key ‘guidelines’ in your experience:

⚡️Acting member of the emergency response team (Knowing the ‘Stayin Alive’ scene from The Office is a plus)

⚡️Helps with workplace/facilities requests to ensure customer satisfaction (hey now, you’re an all-star)

⚡️Strong skill set in word, excel, google suite
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News, Culture & Staffing Headlines

Young Workers Rake In Biggest Wage Gains in Tight Labor Market

The country’s youngest workers are securing the fastest wage increases of any age group, the only one whose gains have outpaced inflation. Their pay progress reflects employers’ strong demand for labor as the economy recovers from the pandemic’s effects, particularly for many service jobs, such as at restaurants and retail stores, that tend to employ younger workers.

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Older Americans Head Back to the Workforce Amid Inflation and Volatile Stocks

A growing number of retirees are heading back to work. In February, 3% of retired workers made the decision to return to work, marking the highest percentage to date during the pandemic and a continuation of a trend that started in the spring of last year, Nick Bunker, the director of economic research at Indeed Hiring Lab, told Yahoo Money.

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A Little-Noticed Reason Workers Quit: Too Little Work

American workers quit a record 47 million jobs last year. They quit for better pay, or to be their own boss, or to work around child-care needs, or from worry about catching Covid-19. Some were burned-out and just wanted a break. There’s another reason, less recognized: Their employer wouldn’t give them enough hours.

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