3 Hiring Trends To Watch in 2023

The news cycle continues to be dominated by more and more companies reporting layoffs in the technology sector. These turbulent times can leave employers asking themselves how hiring will be impacted in the coming year. There are still several reasons to feel hopeful, specifically in hiring temporary workers. 

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 3 hiring trends we expect to see in 2023 and how your hiring needs could potentially be affected.

#1 Temporary Work Opportunities Will Surge

According to CNBC, senior economist Kory Kantenga discusses that temporary hiring will be a way for employers to keep their staff trim with the potential economic downturn. “So with all the economic uncertainty going around, employers are looking at ways to fulfill their needs without actually having to commit to growing their workforce,” Kantenga explains. If you are in the market for temporary jobs, visit our Job Search Tab.

#2 Remote Work Will Continue to Thrive

A trend we have continued to see since the pandemic’s inception, remote work and temporary jobs will trend once again in 2023. If remote work isn’t available, employees are emphasizing the importance of hybrid environments or room for flexibility in the workplace. 

#3 Talent Mobility 

Talent Mobility, or an employee’s ability to move between positions within their company, is something companies will be asked more about in 2023. A Linkedin study showed that 41% of employees stay longer at their current job using a talent mobility strategy, showing that hiring is more than just checking the job description boxes. It is important to identify an employee’s passions or additional skills to see if they could bring value to more than one department.

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