5 Tips for Working With a Recruiter

As much as we ✨gush✨ about how great working with a recruiter is (biased), not all companies or candidates have had the experience of connecting with a professional recruiter. The process of working with a recruiter has many moving parts, and we are here to help you navigate this relationship to land your next job or hire top talent in your organization:

For Candidates:

Build A Relationship

Much like dating, finding the right recruiter for you is like building a relationship: ask lots of questions and understand if they are someone you would like to work with. Ask questions like, “Do you specialize in the industry I am looking to work in?” or “What types of companies and industries have placed people with my experience?”. 

Honesty Is The Best Policy

And what does a great relationship have? Trust of course! Be open with your recruiter not only about what you want in a job, but what you don’t want. It is also important to be upfront with a recruiter about other jobs that catch your interest throughout the process. We don’t take it personally, we want to be there for you and stay in the loop!

Help Recruiters Find You On & Offline

Recruiters’ first task is typically to browse your Linkedin profile. Ensure your current and past positions are up to date! Want to go the extra mile? Write a publication to showcase your skills or a link to a personal website that displays your work or personality. Offline, attending networking events & being active in your industry’s community is a great way to meet potential recruiters.

For Companies:

Know Your Goals

Would you like to increase productivity and work within your engineering staff by 32%? Share it with your company! We want to meet your deliverables and support your growth.

Communication Is Key

Effective communication has proven success rates in placing more candidates and meeting company goals. Share with your recruiter what mode of communication works best for your organization and have a standing calendar invite to discuss how your goals are being met and what can be done to improve.

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