5 Things to Include on Your Resume to Stand Out to Recruiters

By Kathryn Reale

As we enter the second half of 2021, many job-seeking individuals are cleaning up their resumes as they venture forward with job transitions. According to Amanda Augustine, a professional career coach and resume writer, “studies show that, on average, a recruiter scans each resume for only six seconds before deciding if it belongs in the trash” (Augustine, 2020). It is more important than ever to capture recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention with such little time to impress. Calabria Group’s team of recruiters have compiled a list of 5 things to include on your resume to stand out and get hired!

Career Continuity

A defined career progression is integral to what recruiters look for on a resume. ‘Career continuity’ can mean either progressing forward in position or a horizontal career shift utilizing relevant skills. Recruiters and hiring managers could help you propel forward if they have a clear understanding of your work succession.

Quantifiable Metrics

Recruiter’s love seeing your accomplishments as more than simply a description or blanket statements. Including your success in quantifiable wins such as “Sold 1 million dollars in software in the fiscal year of 2019” or “Increased customer retention by 12%” is going to resonate with recruiters and show your success is measurable.

Online Brand and Digital Footprint

Your presence online is an excellent way for hiring managers and recruiters to acclimate themselves with you before the interview process. A 2014 Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey found that 73% of employers have hired a candidate through social media, making it more vital than ever to establish your presence online (Huhman, 2018). What does digital footprint mean exactly? Your social media accounts, easy-to-find and clean Linkedin profile, or a personal website or portfolio; all are relevant to YOU. Your digital footprint offers insight into your online narrative and is a full-proof way to get noticed.

Keyword Search

Recruiters are looking to see if you are qualified for a specific role by the skills and certifications listed on your resume. There is no better way to stand out than to include keywords included in the job’s description and their required hiring qualifications. For example, if an employer is looking for experience using the Workday system, include that you have used Workday at your previous position. Seems simple? Sure! But it can be pivotal to get you noticed and onto the next round.


Ensuring that crucial industry-related terminology is spelled and used correctly and providing sentences with proper capitalizations are pivotal ways to build credibility and not flag recruiters or hiring managers.

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