How to Nail Your Phone Interview

The hiring process, no matter which company you interview for, will always have one thing in common: you will encounter a preliminary phone interview. The phone interview is an eye-opening first impression for recruiters and tells them more than one would expect. So how do you nail your phone interview so you can move forward to the next phase? Here are a few key tips to impress recruiters and hiring managers:  

Understand Who Is Interviewing You

Properly researching the person behind the voice is integral to success when interviewing over the phone. Not only does this show you’re interested in learning more about the interviewer, but have done research on who the company is hiring. We recommend doing a quick Linkedin search to understand how long that person has been at the company and if you share anything in your background or have common connections. 

Understand the Position You’re Interviewing For

This may seem straightforward, but ultimately determines why you make a great fit for the company. Try reading the job description and understanding what the employer is looking for – for example, if the job description states they are looking for someone with leadership qualities, tell them what in your background has made you a strong leader. Be specific!  

Prepare Questions

The golden rule of interviewing is to always prepare questions to ask a recruiter or hiring manager. Don’t limit yourself to the standardized “what do you like about the company” either! Research the company culture, and ask yourself if there is anything about the position you don’t already know from reviewing their website.  

Ask About Next Steps

Proactively asking about the next steps in your interview process shows tenacity and an eagerness to continue the process.  

Send a Follow Up Email to Thank Them

Dubbed “the electronic age thank you note”, it is a great way to thank the person for their time and interest in hiring you. Mention something unique from your conversation if you can to differentiate yourself from the competition! 

Recruiters agree you can learn immense amounts about a candidate through the preliminary phone interview process. Interested in learning more about interview tips, polishing your Linkedin profile & more? Check out the Calabria Group blog for more! 

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